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Our goal at OTAR is to make the world of airsoft sniping more accessible by lowering the main hurdles preventing people from choosing this role

Sniping offers a unique and exciting twist airsoft. However unlike assault rifles such as M4s and AKs, sniper rifles often require lots of time and money to get shooting far and accurate. Airsoft snipers can spend upwards of £600 on a scope and rifle at performance they want and that’s not including all the incompatible parts and mistakes when upgrading.

A poorly set up sniper rifle will be easily out gunned by a decent assault rifle, which is not enjoyable at all! Once a sniper rifle is set up they are quite low maintenance as they are spring and muscle powered with few moving parts. If after all this sadly you change your mind about sniping then the great value of the “Ready to Skirmish” package allows the rifle to be sold 2nd hand without losing too much money.

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