OTR-10 Lightweight Sniper Rifle


Only from OTARSHOP:  OTR-10 the lightest airsoft sniper rifle – custom designed to be  VSR-10 compatible and based on CYMA701b. See the OTR10 in action here

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OTARSHOP CUSTOM – OTR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The OTR-10 is the lightest airsoft sniper rifle, based on the CMYA 701b so it is compatible with many VSR-10 parts. See it in action here

POWER: (approx 490fps/2.3J with 0.43g bb)

  • Upgraded steel 45 degree trigger sears
  • Modded Heavyeight Piston
  • Air Cylinder Sleeve for smooth pull


  • Maple Leaf Maximum Range (MR) 60 degree Bucking
  • Maple Leaf Aluminium CNC Hop Arm
  • TDC Built ininfinite fine tuning for perfectly match hop for any bb weight


  • 300mm Tightbore (6.02mm) Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Full length barrel stabilisation
  • Sorbo pad silencing also minimises vibrations into the barrel
  • Lightweight construction for easier aiming


  • Closed shell ejection port to reduce dust ingress
  • Printed from Automotive Grade material with high UV and heat resistant material as well as high impact and wear resistance 
  • “Tortoise Shell” design to provide strength where it is needed the most


This is the straight barrelled version for the accessory outer barrel click here.



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