Upgraded CM701b (VSR-10)


Gun Only Package – Just add ammo and your own optics!

The CM701b is a VSR10 compatible airsoft rifle. The key components of the rifle have been upgraded to give the biggest performance gains for lowest costs.


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  • Base rifle – VSR10 Clone – CYMA 701b
  • Maple Leaf Hop CNC Upgraded Hop Arm
  • Maple Leaf MR Hop Bucking
  • Upgraded 45 degree trigger plate & sears
  • Heavy Piston Mod (original piston)
  • Sorbo Pad Silencing Mod
  • PTFE Tape Sealing
  • Labour and Testing
  • 1 x Speed Loader & 1 x Magazine
  • Approx 2.3J output with 0.43g bb (500fps with 0.2g bb equivalent power)


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